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-my horoscope was so accurate today
-got to sleep in c:
-had Starbucks


me and Alex ordered pizzas for the first time and ah, it was so good. I haven’t had dominos in such a long time and it’s my fav c: and then I studied blaw with Alice and I saw Micah a lot today which made me really happy


went to focus with Micah today hehe and then we stayed to watch how to train your dragon 2 c: gr8 night


so much work and so little time :c


I’m starting to feel pretty overwhelmed with work. :c every time I’m not doing anything I feel guilty because there’s always something I could be doing. Anyways, today I wrote my essay for rhet which is due tomo and I think it kinda sucks and I don’t think I’ve ever written a 1000 word essay before so that was a first lol.


I don’t know why but I’ve been so tired lately…_. I went to get brunch this morning with some friends and then went to my three classes and then had dinner with my roommates and jane c: and then I came back to my dorm and slept it was gr8


so tired today…:c 2 classes and then went to study group for math and then my first college test :o I didn’t think it was that bad and then I hung out with jane tonight c: I don’t really know her that well but I hope I can get to know her better this year


didn’t sleep until 4 cause I was facetiming Rachel but I haven’t talked to her in so long so it was nice to catch up c: and then I slept for most of the day lol


homework day lol I’m so lame but I literally cram all my hw on the weekends and it kinda sucks but at least I get it all done c: and then I went to pick up kels and we hung out again which was nice since she’s leaving tomo D:


kels came home today and it was such a great day c: surprisingly I’ve been feeling a lot better these couple of days but yes my friends are the best. me and Kyle went to pick her up and then we just chilled in his dorm and talked and asdfghjkl; so glad to have them both in my life like wow


tonight was the best night I’ve had since I’ve been on campus. I had my one on one with Micah and it was great and I love him so much more which I didn’t even think that was possible but he’s like athletic and musically talented and attractive like wow. and my roommates baked a cake and we brought him some and we all wrote him letters and it was just an amazing moment and we talked and chilled in his dorm until it got late


went to two classes and then pretty much stayed in bed for the rest of the day ._. I ended up not going to my one on one with Micah or to pltl cause I felt so sick :c anyways, rebecca is the best and I can literally talk to her about anything like wow


today sucked. I felt like crap the entire day :c I kept on getting blackouts and I threw up twice. I’ve just gotten to the point where idk how much longer I can take this place.


Mondays can suck my ass. two classes and then hung out with sushma c: we went to archery tonight and it was so hard :c like I never thought it would be that hard but it is .-. I was so bad and it was so embarrassing :c fml and this one guy thought I was trying to shoot his friend like wtf no are u dumb -.-


lazy sunday! didn’t do too much…should have been more productive dangit