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did more homework today…idk I feel like I have more time in college but in reality it’s not really more time. I feel like I am constantly busy and I have to do well so I can transfer next year. gotta get that 4.0 so I can whoosh out of here


I literally took so many naps today cause I haven’t been able to sleep that well recently :c I’m so glad that I’m able to come home and be able to sleep and eat c:


BIRTHDAYYYYYYY c: finally 18 haha I went to one class and then my mom came to pick me up and we went to the dps to get my license renewed and then we went to the mall and I got a new pair of converse hehe and then at night we had a birthday dinner with the whole fambam




thurs is one of my busy days but it was alright! went to the silent disco tonight too which was pretty lame lol and got to talk to micah!!!


today I had two classes: business basics and blaw. business basics was alright. I don’t really like the teacher that much but Austin is in my class and I finally know someone in my class so I’m like yessss c: and then blaw. I don’t think blaw is for me ._. idk if I should drop the course cause it’s like my major is business but idk. and then tonight I met up with my franz again and I just vented to them about everything and it was wonderful.


three classes today: chinese, math and rhet. they’re all back to back so I’m probably going to be pretty stressed out on tues and thurs.


first day of college! I had two classes: blaw and a university class required for all freshman. the classes were both alright and the professors were pretty cool. then at night, me and rebecca went to hang out downstairs in the lobby of our hall and we met some cool people like finally we made franz lol they were just so relatable and we basically just vented to each other about how much we hate this college lolol


last day of summer wow. I can’t believe I actually have school tomo like it still hasn’t hit me yet. anyways, today I went to success camp with Sushma and I had a huge stomachache and headache the entire time and it sucked. and then afterwards, we went to convocation and the free bbq and it was nice c: I got to meet Karan’s roommate and he was super chill and easy to talk to :) and then I came back to the dorms and slept cause I was tired af


first day of staying overnight and honestly I couldn’t really sleep that well last night :c prolly cause it was my first night and I’m not used to it but asdfghjkl; I woke up and I dropped my contact case and my contacts went flying everywhere and I found one but I couldn’t find the other one and I was literally freaking out…I ended up finding it like 3 hours later -.- and then me and rebecca went to get lunch at the dining hall and we had laptop time and I helped her do her laundry and then Alex came back from boot camp and we all talked c: I’m so lucky to have them as my roommates they’re the best :)) and later tonight my parents came to pick me up and we had a dinner together and then went to the mall to get my brother a backpack and Walmart to get a router for me and then they dropped me back off and helped me get my router to work and now I finally have wifi in my dorm room it’s gr8


today was my first day of actually dorming and being on campus! ah, I explored the campus with Karan and he helped me find all my classes and stuff and then we met up with Austin and Nitya in the dining hall and it was nice to see them again too. then at night, we had this freshman mixer thing for the business school that me, Austin and Albert went to and it was pretty cool and then at night my bby kels came to visit me and asdfghjkl; she’s the best I lava her so much and I haven’t seen her in the longest time ever and it was my last time seeing her before she leaves for cstat and it was just very bittersweet


bought more stuff for my dorm and moved it in!!! and I played around with my mac today and it’s gr8 I’ve wanted one for so long and I finally got it ahh


move in day…college is starting to feel so real. I moved in most of my stuff and wowow this week has just been so bittersweet :c so many goodbyes


busy busy day of packing!