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kels came home today and it was such a great day c: surprisingly I’ve been feeling a lot better these couple of days but yes my friends are the best. me and Kyle went to pick her up and then we just chilled in his dorm and talked and asdfghjkl; so glad to have them both in my life like wow


tonight was the best night I’ve had since I’ve been on campus. I had my one on one with Micah and it was great and I love him so much more which I didn’t even think that was possible but he’s like athletic and musically talented and attractive like wow. and my roommates baked a cake and we brought him some and we all wrote him letters and it was just an amazing moment and we talked and chilled in his dorm until it got late


went to two classes and then pretty much stayed in bed for the rest of the day ._. I ended up not going to my one on one with Micah or to pltl cause I felt so sick :c anyways, rebecca is the best and I can literally talk to her about anything like wow


today sucked. I felt like crap the entire day :c I kept on getting blackouts and I threw up twice. I’ve just gotten to the point where idk how much longer I can take this place.


Mondays can suck my ass. two classes and then hung out with sushma c: we went to archery tonight and it was so hard :c like I never thought it would be that hard but it is .-. I was so bad and it was so embarrassing :c fml and this one guy thought I was trying to shoot his friend like wtf no are u dumb -.-


lazy sunday! didn’t do too much…should have been more productive dangit


I feel like I’m dying in hw. :c and I’m procrastinating so bad. It seems like I have a lot of free time but most of the time in college classes you have to do a lot more outside of the class and read and make sure you understand the material.


so tired today cause I basically got 3 hours of sleep last night!!! I didn’t get back until 12 and then my roommate talked to me until 4 and afterwards I talked on the phone with my other friend until 7 and I had to wake up at 10 to get ready for class like it was pretty bad but coffee and monster does wonders c: but then I came home and passed out hahah


spent the night with franz like I finally made a friend here and I’m so proud of myself. it’s been so hard trying to meet the right people. like idk I feel like everyone is really cliquey here especially like sorority girls and every person that I want to be friends with commutes and I’m like :c cries but it’s getting better and sushma always comes over and keeps me from going insane


had to get up early today for class which I literally can’t do like it is such a struggle for me to get up earlier than 12 ._. classes weren’t that bad and sushma came over today and I had pltl and everyone there is dumb af and I don’t really want to go to the next sessions cause the stuff we learn is like so easy and no one gets it which I don’t understand. I went to get dinner with alex afterwards and then we just had alone time and I did my gov test and I got a 98 (: so proud haha


woke up today and started to feel sick :c fmlfmlfml I hate when your throat hurts it’s like seriously the worst thing ever. anyways, I got to sleep in today and had three classes. not too bad though. and I had dinner again with my roomies and afterwards I went to this sorority rush event thing and everyone there was really nice and we just played games and it was fun c: idk if I’m planning to join but I’m glad I met some new people


Mondays suck ass but they’re actually pretty chill for me considering I only have two classes and one of them is complete blowoff and all you have to do is sit there. I got to hang out with Sushma for most of the day and I went to eat dinner with my roomies


so glad that I’m not leaving to go back until tomo c: I’ve had a gr8 weekend at home and sleeping in my own bed. is it bad that I don’t really miss my parents but I miss my home lol


slept in today until 2 and it was prolly the best feeling ever c: I honestly haven’t gotten the best sleep in the dorms cause it’s just so different than what I’m used to. and then I just did some homework and chilled


saw micah three times today hehe so beautiful. and then one class today which was blaw and I am starting to really like that class cause it’s so interesting and the professor is amazing. and then sushma took me home and it was such a good feeling to get off campus and go home :)) and I had a long facetime call with kels and wow it was gr8