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My mom took a day off today to take my brother and I shopping c: we went to the outlet and I ended up getting some clothes for back to school and it was great :)


today was my day off so i pretty much woke up at 12, took my brother out for lunch at panera and then went shopping with cuzzie c: 


Work today was pretty boring…I was by myself cashiering most of the time. Afterwards, I went dorm shopping with Sushma c: she helped me pick out stuff but I still feel so overwhelmed and there’s still so many things I have to get sigh I’m going to be broke


marilu pissed me off today…she gets mad at me when she doesn’t do shit. i literally do everything she tells me to do and when one little thing goes wrong she gets so mad. all she does is sit in a corner on her phone the entire time and im like wtf how are you even a lead -.- sigh, i really liked her until today :c and omfg some lady comes up to her while shes on her phone and asks her where to put a plate and she’s like bitch plz i’m on break can you go away? like who says that?! wow so disrespectful…anyways, valeria is the best c: i vent to her about how much i hate everyone there and she makes me feel so much better and sigh i’m so blessed to meet such an amazing person i lava you qurl even though you’ll prolly never read this lol  


got to see erica today! I haven’t seen her in a while and she’s leaving me for austin cries. we went to rustys and then hung out with victor and sharon c: victor is so cute and nice omfg sigh


put in my two weeks notice today and i couldn’t be happier c: just two more weeks of hell and i’ll be done 


today kinda sucked…I hate my job so much. I’ve had to bus for this entire week and I’m literally going to crey. I can’t do this anymore.


i felt so awkward today at work since i didn’t really know anyone :c even keren is acting weird around me like we’re not as close as we used to be and that makes me super sad. anyways, i got to see kels today and we went to peiwei aka our fav restaurant and then we went to the mall and target. i have an obsession with snapbacks now :o and i need to buy college stuff soon :c college is stressing me out so much and it hasn’t even started…what is wrong with me


shift today with marilu which makes me so happy I lava her and I took a 4 hour nap it was great


went to college this morning to see my chinese teacher. she was really nice and the class seemed like a good fit for me so I decided to take it. I also hung out with Skander today and it was really nice seeing him again since I haven’t seen him since school ended and he’s leaving me for virginia :c


this morning i went to mckinney trade days with josh and valeria. it was my first time going and it reminded me so much of taiwan. sigh, i wish i went to asia this year :c first world problems haha. it was so cool to see all these vintage things from way back in the day. i wish i had brought more cash, but it’s okay i’ll prolly go back soon c: then i had work -.- i was supposed to be on cash register but there was three of us, keren, colleen and me when there’s only two registers. i ended up busing the entire night and there’s nothing i hate more than busing. closing is such a pain in the ass especially theater cause it’s a mess in there all the time. it’s so much work. in addition to busing, you have to wipe down the tables, align the tables in a certain order, stack the chairs, sweep the floor, and mop the floor. it took forever, but i’m so glad that diana and kayla helped me or else i would’ve died. i’m so annoyed at the fact that i was supposed to get off at 9 but i didn’t get off until 1030 :c i wanna quit so bad


11 hour shift…never again


pretty boring day…worked from 11-4 and then chilled at home for the rest of the day cause I had a huge headache and really bad cramps :c


-got to the venue around 2 there were so many people already there
-waited 4 hours in the rain and it was so tiring cause I couldn’t even sit
-I was so hungry and they were giving out free poptarts but I wanted like actual food
-the girls behind us ordered a pizza and shared some with us lol
-ryan beatty is actually pretty good live and he’s such a cutie hehe
-he did an amazing cover of hold on were going home by drake
-I love his song hey la it’s so catchy
-demi came on and it was so crazy
-I wish I could’ve gotten closer so I could see her better but she was so beautiful
-she sang so many of my favs like heart attack, neon lights, I really don’t care, warrior, nightingale
-let it go was pretty amazing I literally knew every single word to that song
-and I was dying when she sang a little bit like 10 seconds of this is real, this is me cause that’s like one of my favorite songs like ever I loved those camp rock days
-and she sang her old ones like skyscraper and give your heart a break
-she was literally perfection like wow
I still can’t believe I got to see her for free ahh


Today was probably the craziest day of work. There were probably 200+ kids all running around at once and it gave me a headache and a panic attack. It was so overwhelming and I get anxiety when I see that many people :c my dad and my brother came to visit me though hehe prolly not the best day to come but it was nice seeing them. Anyways, I really want to go to Midway and do the games instead of cashiering. It’s so boring and they have way too many cashiers like I don’t understand. There were like 4 cashiers and only two cash registers -.- and most of the time they always cut me cause I’m the newest person. I only have like less than a month left until college, but I wanna make the most of this job and make sure I’m happy with what I’m doing.